Hi 👋 I’m Arjun!
Hi 👋 I’m Arjun!

Hi 👋 I’m Arjun!

I’m a student at Georgia Tech and I am passionate about web3 development, investing, and crypto.

I am a final-year student at Georgia Institute of Technology, concentrating on Finance with a minor in Computer Science. Besides my coursework, I have also completed prior internships in strategy consulting and a digital asset hedge fund, receiving extensive exposure to investment analysis, supply chain, and business operations.

🎓 Finance // CS Minor @ GT

💻 Intern. @ BlockTower// Arca // Hartmann

🚀 Fellow @ Blockbeam // SPAWN


📖 Check out my latest Research!

Solana SVM integration with Cosmos
Klaytn Research Report
Synthetix Trading Report
Sei Research Report
⭕ Circle Case Study
Gains Network Analysis

💣  Projects

 Synthetix Debt-Pool Hedging
Tokenomics Optimization
🎈 Helium Tracking

Contact Me

Thanks for your interest in my work! If you wish to contact me, feel free to email arjunbmohan@gmail.com or contact me via Linkedin or Twitter.

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